All-time Greatest Arsenal Players: Top 7

Who are those 7 greatest players ever to play at Arsenal F.C.? The question is pretty tough. Arsenal has always been one of the strongest opponents among all football teams in the world. The most titled players want to become a part of the Gunners family at least for once in their career.

That’s why it is pretty hard to highlight only 7 best players in Arsenal’s history. But here’s how our top 7 looks like.

Liam Brady

7 Legendary players of Arsenal F.C.

We’re going to divide our list into 2 parts – former players and current players.

Former Arsenal Players

  • Liam Brady. Liam was playing at Arsenal during the period of 1973-1980. He is one of those who can be called the legends of a football in general. He was a true midfielder who could both to control and to pass a ball skilfully.
  • Robert Pires. Robert is a former Arsenal player of French origin. His team work with another legendary Arsenal player Thierry Henry was invincible. He scored the endless amount of goals and was chosen by Arsenal fans as the greatest player of all time.
  • Thierry Henry. Talking about Robert Pires, we can’t forget about his teammate and another legend of Arsenal – Thierry Henry. If you’ve watched a football game at least once, you’ve probably heard about Henry. This is one of those football players who become a part of the history forever. Thierry was not only a skillful player, he was a talented player. He led Arsenal to numerous victories and achievements. Thierry scored goals, broke records, got awards, and inspired his followers. He is certainly number one football player in Arsenal and world football history.
  • Tony Adams. Tony was a captain at both Arsenal and the national English football team for many years. For many people, he was a leader in the team, who had positional sense, clear football tactics, and understanding of a defending role on the field.
  • Deniss Bergkamp. Deniss was one of the football players, whom people associated with Arsenal particularly. They paid money only to watch him playing. He completely controlled a ball on the field using his own slow pace and unforgettable style.

Dennis Bergkamp

Current Arsenal Players

  • Mesut Özil. Mesut is a professional German football player of Turkish origin. He is a very skillful sportsman who scores goals and spots the players on the other side of the field. Definitely, he is one of the most prominent football players of the 21st century.

Theo Walcott. Theo is an example of Arsenal’s new generation legends. He has been playing at Arsenal since 2005 and has already scored 104 goals in the professional football career.


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