Thierry Henry: One of the Most Legendary Arsenal Players Ever

Even if you’re not an Arsenal fan, you’ve probably heard about Thierry Henry. The whole world kept watching his distinguished football career for many years. A lot of people fairly called him the greatest Arsenal player ever. At Arsenal, Thierry Henry was like a magician, who easily, but skilfully coped with every task on the field. He had the ability to turn the game on his head. He made a game looked easy and fun. Thierry Henry will definitely be remembered as the greatest individual on a football field ever.

Thierry Henry’s Career at Arsenal

He was unplayable. Can a footballer receive any bigger compliment than that? Drive, determination, grace, passion and pride. These words completely reflect Henry’s style on the field. No wonder he became the greatest goalscorer in Arsenal’s history.

Thierry Henry

Opening of a Career

Henry’s career at Arsenal started in distant 1999 when he transferred from Juventus. This was the point from where Henry started his career as a world-class football player. Thierry didn’t hide that the first months in England were quite tough. But the end of the season showed the amazing results. Henry finished it with a goal score of 26.

The second season started. No one expected that Henry could show even better results just in his second season in Arsenal. But it was a real breakthrough. At that time he was already the Arsenal’s top goalscorer.

But real success came in 2001-2002 season. Arsenal became a double winner – in the Premier League and in the FA Cup Final simultaneously.

The next season became even more productive than the previous one. Henry got a goal tally of 32. And once again, he led his team to another success at the FA Cup.

The 2003-2004 season was a remarkable one not only for Arsenal but for Henry particularly. With 39 goals Henry finally won a well-deserved award – European Golden Boot.

The 2005-2006 season was a special one personally for Henry. In the game against Sparta Prague he broke the record of Ian Wright. And in a few months, he broke one more record. This time it was a Cliff Bastin’s goal record. The end of the season was a wonderful experience for Henry. He became the best goalscorer in the league, was voted the FWA Football Player of the Year for the 3d time, and he was picked in the FIFA World XI.

The 2006-2007 season was marked as the period of injuries. Henry was forced to stop his season in the beginning of the year due to numerous problems with hamstrings, foot, and back. However, he was able to score 10 more goals.

Thierry Henry

Unexpected Transfer

In 2007 Henry’s career at Arsenal unexpectedly ended. He was transferred to Barcelona for more than 23 million. Thus, Henry left Arsenal as its best player ever with 174 goals.

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