Marriage ceremony Rings and Their Traditions

Marriage ceremony Rings and Their Traditions

Many alternative international locations and cultures use wedding ceremony rings as part of their wedding ceremony ceremony. This text seems at a few of the traditions across the World.

Marriage ceremony ceremonies differ from nation to nation, nonetheless, many locations use wedding ceremony rings as a part of the wedding ceremony. Right here we are going to take a look at a few of the wedding ceremony traditions from a number of international locations.

The finger on which the marriage ring is worn varies relying on the nation’s traditions

The finger on which the marriage ring is worn varies from nation to nation, some inserting the ring on the best ring finger and others inserting the ring on the left ring finger. In some international locations the hand on which the ring is worn can change earlier than and after the ceremony. For instance in Greece, the couple put on the ring on the left hand till after the marriage ceremony when they’re transferred to the best hand. In some European international locations, the engagement ring additionally serves as the marriage ring and it’s engraved after the marriage. Some folks select to put on the engagement ring on the best hand ring finger and the marriage ring on the left hand ring finger. This will help to stop injury to the rings attributable to them rubbing collectively 結婚戒指.

The Romans thought of the marriage ring to be the final in a sequence of items

The Romans believed in giving a sequence of items to the bride-to-be, and the ultimate reward of the sequence was the marriage ring. The engagement ring may be one of many sequence of items.

Some recently-introduced traditions embrace the trilogy ring, the eternity ring and the pre-engagement ring

The trilogy ring normally consists of three separate diamonds which symbolize the couple’s previous, current and future. The eternity ring symbolizes a protracted marriage, and the pre-engagement ring is usually given when a relationship turns into extra critical.

In Britain, the ‘Greatest Man’ is accountable for taking care of the marriage rings through the ceremony

The Greatest Man’s activity through the wedding ceremony ceremony is to take care of the bride and groom’s wedding ceremony rings till the a part of the ceremony the place the rings are exchanged. Some weddings may have a hoop bearer who carries the rings on a cushion.

It’s fascinating to see that regardless of some small variations in how they’re worn or exchanged within the wedding ceremony ceremony, that many international locations use rings as a part of the marriage ceremony. We might have extra in frequent with folks from different international locations than we realise.

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