Arsenal Supporters

Being a supporter of a football team isn’t an easy thing. Being a professional supporter is even harder. Being a professional Arsenal supporter is the hardest. Why? You have to love the team with all of your heart to become a real Gooner.

If you want to become a part of a big family called «Arsenal F.C. Supporters» or just want to know where and how to get the best tickets to the game, keep reading.

The History of the Gooners

The first and the most important question is «Who are the Gooners?».

Since the moment the Arsenal players have been referred to as the «Gunners», the supporters of the club decided to take the nickname «Gooners». The name was welcomed in such a good way, that it has been used by people all over the world already for years. Believe it or not, but the official number of Gooners in the world is about 27 million. This makes the Arsenal’s fan base the third-largest supporter club in the world.


Privileges and Attributes


One of the most desirable privileges of being a Gooner is tickets. It is a well-known fact that the supporters of the football club are the first who get the best tickets to the games. How can it be real? The official website of Arsenal Supporter Club provides all information about the tickets and future games. It doesn’t matter where you live and work. You can always buy a ticket using a credit card in any part of the world. Especially, this concerns people who have travel credit cards. This is probably the only way to be the first to get a ticket.

Attributes and Traditions

Arsenal supporters club as any other football fan club has its own traditions and attributes. Of course, there is a lot of song singing in the football culture, but the Gooners have more than a usual football chant. The fans usually sing «One-Nil to the Arsenal», «Who’s that team they call the Arsenal», «Good Old Arsenal» (the tune of «Rule, Britannia»), and «We’re the North Bank/Clock End Highbury». Everything looks very creative, witty, and energizing. People are making parodies to the regular chants all the time, changing the atmosphere of a game to the less tense.

In London, Arsenal fans traditionally gather in The Gunners Pub, in The Tollington, in The Bank of Friendship, in The Woodbine, in The Twelve Pins, and in The Piebury Corner. A pint of beer and traditional snacks like meat, veggie, and fruit pies before the match are a must. Almost everyone comes in a traditional Arsenal red and white T-shirt having a flag of the team.


The supporters club has grown over the years. Today, there are official representatives of the Arsenal supporters club not only in London but also in New York, Sydney, Dublin, Paris, Munich, Dubai, Singapore, etc. Among the most famous Arsenal fans are Jackie Chan, Lewis Hamilton, Andrew Ference, Danny DeVito, Mick Jagger, Dido, Demi Moore, Zac Efron, Jay-Z, Idris Elba, Sean Combs, Chris Martin, Jamie Foxx, Prince Harry, and even the Queen Elizabeth II.

Arsenal family is a huge community of people who live all over the world. They gather every weekend or month to enjoy the game, to support their favorite football players, and to share the beautiful moments with each other no matter where they come from and live in. The Arsenal football supporters club is definitely the most legendary in the world.